Mr. Rogers

I’m dreading the next six weeks with Grace. There are four specialty appointments. One of them with someone brand new. One of them may ask us to consider signing Grace up for surgery. There’s school conferences, which were awkward in the fall. There’s an IEP meeting. There’s a new communication device to trial. I’m in … Continue reading Mr. Rogers

Ballet Engineer in KC

I’m a little behind in blogging – but over the next few days I hope to catch you up on a few things. Kevin and I decided this spring that we wanted to take a family vacation this summer. Shortly after that we spent a weekend with Grace in Minnesota. After hitting a museum and … Continue reading Ballet Engineer in KC


“Though she be but little she is fierce.” Fierce isn’t necessarily the first word I would use to describe Grace…but when Kevin saw the shirts he said we had to have them for Grace, Chloe, Jacque, and Jill.    Grace is most definitely fierce in her love of dance. But it’s not just dance – the … Continue reading Fierce