I do

15 years ago this month Kevin and I went on our first date at Living History Farms. 14 years ago tomorrow we were married there. We were so young but felt a little old at the time to just be getting married…sigh. I see our wedding picture every day and I almost don’t recognize us. … Continue reading I do

Crying Days

Grace was discharged from speech therapy today for reasons that I don’t think are fair. It was disheartening, to say the least. We handled our disappointment I think pretty well and left on positive terms – but I cried. I wanted to just sit down and cry when we left and told Kevin – “I … Continue reading Crying Days

The Long Pause

The question we were asked was something like, “How has Grace affected your life?”- Kevin and I just looked at each other for what seemed like several moments- too long for the situation we were in.  We were being interviewed on camera for a TV commercial featuring Grace for Make-A-Wish’s Jolly Holiday Lights.  Luckily they … Continue reading The Long Pause