Eight Today!

When I saw the pediatrician a few weeks ago with Graham he commented that Grace’s birthday was coming up.  “She’s going to be 8” I said, “can you believe it?”  I went on to say “It feels like so long ago that this all started.”  He replied, “But sometimes it feels like not so long ago at all.”

It does seem sometimes that Grace is just ancient – wise, stubborn, unafraid to tell it like it is.

And when I think about the army of people it’s taken to get her here, surely she has to be older than 8!  There are days it’s lonely being Grace’s mom – and sometimes on those days I picture them- Grace’s army.  Doctors (so many doctors), surgeons, nurses (home, school, doctor’s offices, hospitals), receptionists (that know me just by the sound of my “hello”), aides, lab workers, schedulers, x-ray technicians, EEG techs, dietitians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers, bus drivers, orthotist, case managers, social workers, volunteers in the church nursery, a basset hound, a few horses, Wesley Woods, a hair stylist, pharmacists, ballerinas, baseball volunteers, wish granters, pink helmet makers, medical supply providers, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, her classmates, the man and his team who built our house.  I’m sure there are people that I am forgetting.

I’m grateful for them all – even the ones who caused me stress at the time.  Together we are growing an amazing girl.

In her eighth year we are not anticipating any major medical needs.  (Sigh of relief).

We plan to work on communication.  15 words in particular.  Mom, Dad, go, more, done, my, up, in, on, play, get, off, want, down, and turn.

We are going to keep working on walking and getting up and down from the floor independently or with minimum assistance.

We are going to swing outside.

We are going to take her on bike rides.

She’ll dance, play ball, and ride horses.

She’ll be at school.

We will try and find new things to try.

We will have good days and bad.

Maybe a few people will be added to the army.

As of 10:16 tonight she’ll officially be 8.  (Deep breath)  (Sigh)  Our little girl is growing up.