Where you lead I will follow – 11

4 thoughts on “Where you lead I will follow – 11”

  1. Beautifully, beautifully written, Joy. I wish I could share that the friends part works out or that the travel does happen anyway or that so many of the other things have a way of coming into being too. I wish those had been our experiences so I could pass them along as hope to you. But I’ve taken to growing accustomed to subtle grief. The kind that says, “What’s your problem? You wanted a lot of things for yourself, Joy, that never came true either. You know how this works. Let it them go.” But dreams die difficult deaths. The only solace I have found is recognizing how much greater our capacity is for realizing the beauty of grace. The heart expanding state of being after which you wisely named your daughter. Happy Birthday, Grace’s Mom. You are doing an incredible job.

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