Graham throwing a rock into the creek during a photo session, Grace furrowing her eyebrows in a disapproving way.

Our Christmas cards are making their way out into the world – there’s a link to our blog on the front. If people happen to check in after receiving our cards here’s what we want them to know about where we are at now.

Grace has been working on communication- going through more than a year’s worth of trials of devices.   The devices track her eye movement and then when she holds her eyes on the button long enough the word on the button is spoken out loud for her by the machine. All of this work on communication has shown of us more of who she is. She is thoughtful, observant, funny, and stubborn. She began treatments this year to help her immune system and she’s been for the most part pretty healthy. Her third grade year is off to a great start. Her classmates sending home little notes for her now and then that give us really great glimpses into what she experiences in school. She’s dancing and playing baseball. She’s a foot shorter than me. She’s about to be 10 – this thought floors me.

Graham is so handsome! He loves to sing and dance. He has a great imagination and loves to tell stories at the dinner table. He has such affection for people – his teachers, our neighbors, family, and friends. He is generous with gifts and sharing. His catch phrases are “actually” and “when I was a baby.”

They are both cared for by some pretty amazing people when they aren’t with us.

The two of them together can be so lovely to watch or utterly frustrating! The picture above captures them so well – I just love the look that Grace is giving Graham.

Kevin and I had a chance to get away this year. A trip to Galena, a cottage, and two days of just us – amazing!

I think we are growing into our family, figuring out who we are – one day at a time. Our Christmas will feature time with family, Jake the Pirate, Thomas the Train, a ballerina doll, a lighted bubble tube, fuzzy slippers, books, and puzzles.  Please don’t mention any of that to Grace or Graham!

We hope that each of you has a Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for looking in on us.