The Rhythm of Grace

One thought on “The Rhythm of Grace”

  1. Joy!!!!!

    I was just lamenting my schedule today. And yours is decidedly more inflexible than mine. You and I both know that inflexible is a matter of degrees. I’m grateful that our son is able to help us keep him on schedule, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less tethered. Especially now that he isn’t in primary school, and his days are fully mine and Mark’s to program. His quality of life impinges on ours. This weekend – for my birthday – I just wanted to canoe or take a hike or go to dinner as just a couple. We got to do one of those with assistance from my parents who lent us an hour to sit with him at a picnic table in a state park while we wandered through the woods for an hour. I wanted to stay out there longer.

    Time away is sooooooo vital but coming back – the slam into reality – is painful and seems to get worse each time. The taste of freedom intoxicatingly sweet. I’m trying to not become bitter. But now that I’m past 50 I have a list of things I still want to do. And I feel like I will have to fight for even the simplest things on my list which sets me at war with myself.

    I share this only to commiserate. Yes, the “make it look easy” is delivered as a compliment but arrives as damning reality. Wouldn’t it be great if each of those comments came with an offer to learn how to take a take of walking in our shoes? Just. One. Day.

    (((((((( HUG )))))) and a mighty High-5 !!!!!!! Keep rockin in!


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