IMG_1969-ccI went out last weekend and tried Grace’s braces on a few pair of Converse sneakers to find the right size and then I sat down to fill out your form. I was touched that you wanted me to include her “support-site” so that an artist could get to know her better. The thought that someone would take the time to learn about her in order to paint her a pair of shoes to best match her is just incredible.

As I got to thinking about it though I realized Grace’s blog is a lot about the trials and tribulations of Grace – and most often our trying to figure out how to deal with the trials and tribulations of Grace. The blog won’t tell you some of the things about her that I celebrate.

First, let me mention her love of dance. You will read of dance, but what you won’t read is how Grace knows that it’s time for dance when we put on the leotard, skirt, and tights. She carries herself differently when all outfitted to dance. She loves sparkles on her dance outfits and will often flip sparkly skirts and tutus in her hand just to see the fabric move I think. She loves to look at herself in the mirror at dance and will often look herself straight in the eye, moving her head back and forth as if checking herself out.

To continue with the sparkle theme – Grace loves lights. She loves Christmas tree lights, and outdoor displays. She loves lights on toys. She watched the fireworks recently at 10 o’clock at night, tired as can be, but not able to look away from those lights in the sky.

Grace loves to be outside on a beautiful day. She enjoys the days where the sky is bright blue and white fluffy clouds are floating by. The days that aren’t too hot or aren’t too cold, or too windy, we put her in her swing outside (swinging is another love of hers).   On those days for as long as you’ll let her she’ll swing and never complain. She may even smile.

She loves flowers. If we happen to stop by flowers out and about she will eye those flowers and then quicker than you can imagine stick her hand out to grab them.

She loves aquariums. We take her to Minnesota for a lot of doctor’s appointments. After long days we make a point to take her to the aquarium at the Mall of America. There are so many beautiful fish there, and turtles, and we walk her to the tunnel where it seems the fish have surrounded you. She will stand in front of the fish and just watch them. Even after a hard day she’s just so content to be there. I think she’d stay there for hours if we’d let her- she doesn’t really look away and often times we find ourselves pulling at her to move on to the next thing. She loves to watch penguins swim too.

She loves music. Drums. Trumpets. Guitar. Singing. Toys that make music are her very favorite. Often times we arrive at church after the worship band has started playing and she will walk right towards the balcony to watch on our way to her classroom.

She loves finger painting. It’s an adventure, put a little paint on some paper in front of her and she will not only paint the paper, but the table, herself, her helmet, and you.

She loves the crinkle of paper – when given the chance she crinkles it all up just to hear the sound I think.

Her likes are pretty simple, but consistent. We continue to look for ways to expand on her interests and are moving into drawing apps, fish apps, and piano apps she can use on her ipad.

Finally, she loves shoes. We once got her a pair of Hello Kitty shoes with sequins and she just loved them. I put a new pair of sandals on her one night before a music concert for school and the teacher told me that Grace just kept looking at her shoes during the program. (They were pink with white polka dots). She even checks out other people’s shoes.

I am positive that she will love her Peach’s Neet Feet shoes, and we will be grateful that you have chosen to help us celebrate her in this way.

With much love,

Grace’s mom