Unopened Crayons

2 thoughts on “Unopened Crayons”

  1. Joy, Thanks for sharing your reality with us. It must be heartbreaking and heartwarming when Grace is able to communicate with you and others, all in the same time. I can’t imagine how hard days must be for you. You have a very beautiful daughter, who has gone through, so much too. It is a blessing to her that she has such loving caring parents, and I’m sure a very protective brother! I am glad you have a great homecare nurse, and that Grace is going to get some infusions, which will help boost her immune system ? immunoglobulin (IVIG) . I used to go into people’s homes and do the infusion for many years. That should really help her, and man, if it can keep the seizures away, what a blessing! Praying for more day brighteners heading your way.

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