When I saw the pediatrician a few weeks ago with Graham he commented that Grace’s birthday was coming up.  “She’s going to be 8” I said, “can you believe it?”  I went on to say “It feels like so long ago that this all started.”  He replied, “But sometimes it feels like not so long … Continue reading Eight

American Girl

Today I’m sad because it doesn’t make any sense for me to buy an American Girl doll for Grace.  Grace has a few dolls.  She chews on them.  Bonks them in the head.  Flings them around by their feet.  Her brother has shown them much more kindness than Grace ever has. American Girl sends us … Continue reading American Girl

Gracie – by Ben Folds

I was listening to my ipod today in shuffle mode. Ben Folds’ “Gracie” came on. It’s a song about his daughter..her growing up. It was the end that really got me – he sings “there will always be a part of me, nobody else is ever going to see but you and me, my little girl, my Gracie … Continue reading Gracie – by Ben Folds