Aquarium Engineer

Aquarium Engineer

I’m a little behind in blogging – but over the next few days I hope to catch you up on a few things.

Kevin and I decided this spring that we wanted to take a family vacation this summer. Shortly after that we spent a weekend with Grace in Minnesota. After hitting a museum and the Mall of America – just with Grace- our confidence about our ability to take a vacation that Grace and Graham could both enjoy – and fully benefit from was a bit shaken. Grace needed both of us. Chasing after a one year old, who hasn’t fully developed an understanding of the phrases “just a minute”, “no”, and “we need to help Grace, you stay here” and taking care of her and helping her experience things was incompatible. We needed another adult. Not just any adult would do – we needed one who could float back and forth between our kids – and who could help us just go with flow.

Grace’s ballet engineer – Jill was the perfect candidate – and she said yes!

Having her with us turned out to be a wonderful gift. She got to experience all of Grace… Grace grabbing at food in restaurants, needing to stop for diaper changes, feedings, water, and meds. Grace at an aquarium loving the fish. Grace tired and grouchy and letting us know. Pushing Grace in a wheelchair. Experiences she hasn’t had with Grace outside of dance.

She got to experience Graham too. Sesame Street. Bus watching. Elmo. Elmo. Elmo. Water (fountains to the rest of us). Him saying “hi” to everyone. (Jill is convinced he is going to run for political office).

Then there were Kevin’s and my parts of the trip – She ate BBQ, she went to the big shoe store, and watched Hallmark commercials with us at the visitor’s center.

She knew just what to do. She saw where we needed help and she helped.

At the aquarium she crawled underneath the tanks to stand Grace up so she could see. I told her I would do it – but she said not only is she a ballet engineer, she could be an aquarium engineer as well!

It takes a lot of people to keep Grace standing – to engineer her life. We are so grateful that Jill is one of them.