Tonight Kevin and I met with Grace’s teachers – special ed and general ed for her fall conference.  I’m happy to report that it turns out our girl is doing very well!  She is meeting her goals…one of them in particular we may have to update pretty soon.   Her favorite things didn’t come as much of a surprise….stories on a computer, movement, painting!  We learned that she’s communicating with the teacher in various ways (we have to learn more about that so we can do it at home– I’m jealous of that know how!)  We learned how she spends her time in her general ed classroom.  It caught me a bit off guard when they talked about the nurse backing off and letting the other kids help her at work stations.  They gave us a picture of Grace coloring – the girl next to her holding her hand to help her.  Grace has an assigned  fellow kindergartener helper each day.   Today was only a half day and with no assigned helper evidently many in the class attempted to be right at her side.  She likes this, my guess is she loves it!  They even told us how she was missed when we had her out of school on Friday because of an ear infection that wiped her out.

I am so grateful for these kids – for all that they are working on with Grace to help her and teach her.  I’m grateful that we are in a school that supports this, with teachers who enjoy it, and make time for it.

We are sharing Grace with people we don’t even know – will never know.  She’s developing her own circle – hopefully her own memories.  It feels like a giant step from what we’ve had previously-and tonight I’m struggling with it a bit.  In so many ways she’s so vulnerable.  I know I need to share her though.  She was never meant to be just ours…she was meant to play her part…meant to teach and be taught…..meant to live in community.  I’m so proud of her for what she is doing to live that out.


PS – Graham came with us to conferences.  He spilled cheerios on the floor.  He smiled at the teachers –charmed them- they said they’d take him when he’s ready.