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Sometime between Saturday and Sunday Graham got hot and started not to feel well.  On Monday I stayed home with him and took him to the doctor.  Really red throat..nothing we can do but wait it out.  Tuesday I’m back at work and get a call from Transportation.  No one is at my house and they want to pick up Grace for school.  This is of great concern to me.. Grace should have been home.  Turned out the nurse thought they’d missed the bus so she walked Grace to school.  What dedication! (but transportation wasn’t exactly thrilled…. We already had to have them change buses because Grace was getting too hot and having seizures on the non-airconditioned one)  Then I got a call around noon.  Grace’s braces have caused some skin break down.  The PT doesn’t want her wearing them until they can be fixed.  It may be a week before that will happen.  I left work early to pick up Grace and take her to the dentist.  Grace does not like the dentist.  She really really doesn’t.  She objected loudly, and squirmed the whole time.  It’s amazing to me that they are willing to care for her.  Teeth checked out good.  She’s missing two more than we knew.  The tooth fairy totally owes her money.  From the dentist’s office we went shoe shopping.  No braces means no shoes that give her support…so we are at the shoe store when another woman comes in and proceeds to pick apart the saleswoman working with us.  Poor woman is trying to help us and please the other woman at the same time.  Awkwardness prevailed.

There was another woman though who got the door for Grace and I as we left the mall.  She clearly left the path she was on to come and help us.  I was so grateful for the gesture.  It was enough to make me feel better about all the madness.

Today I got the call that Grace had had a seizure at school.  Her glasses had cut into her eye and she needed stitches.  I called the pediatrician’s office.  There are three different offices…..our regular doctor is off on Wednesday… and we had to figure out which office to go to.  It was funny because the doctor we ended up with said to me when we were in the office that when the receptionist said “Grace needs stitches” she was pretty sure it was us…. The receptionist then told the doctor that there was a seizure and I was calm about it!  (then the doctor said she was sure it was us!)  It made me laugh to think that it some circles Grace doesn’t even need a last name J

I delivered Grace with her glued eyebrow back at school.  Kevin promised that if anything went wrong in the afternoon, he would cover it.  Blissfully the rest of the day has passed without incident.

Tomorrow however is coming soon!



Today the nurse told me that Grace earned a fuzzy for her fuzzy box on Friday.


It’s a Gerber baby food container with a hole cut in the lid.  Small pom poms inside.   Grace’s kindergarten teacher explained that she uses the fuzzy system as a way to reward good behavior- and also noted they can be taken away for not so good behavior.  Everyone’s locker had one of the little boxes..except Grace’s.

Not a big deal, right?  She probably isn’t in the room when the system is really used and she probably really doesn’t care about the incentive piece.  My parents are teachers, I could see the thinking….but yowch it stung.  Isn’t Grace capable of doing good things to earn a fuzzy?  Having a fuzzy box is not like the math curriculum book that every other parent got that just wasn’t in our pile of papers at her desk.  – another sting.

The absence of the fuzzy box in her locker just another symbol that Grace is different…and viewed as less.

It turned out to be an easy fix…all we had to do was say something to the teacher, who immediately understood.  I bet she’ll have a fuzzy box tomorrow even.

Grace is four days into kindergarten.  It feels like a roller coaster getting her to this point.  So emotional.  So much paperwork.  Realizing that the school will make decisions for her now, because they can.  We still count but we aren’t in charge in quite the same way.  The job though is still the same – to be her voice.  To be her advocate.  That will mean fighting some battles and not letting down our guard.  It won’t always be as easily fixed.  There will be more stings reminding us that she’s not doing what she “should”.

It will be worth it.  People will affect her.  She will affect people.