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No we did not get another dog.  Grace will soon be the big sister of a baby boy!  We are working on names and we are ready to announce that we have narrowed his last name down to Harris.

Grace is blissfully unaware of the upcoming changes in her life, then again so is Hoover.  We have been working with Grace to not pat her baby doll in the face as we would like to prevent bloody noses and black eyes during the first year.  We used to encourage her to play with her baby doll by patting it (her preferred method of play) we really didn’t think that one through!

I hope the baby boy likes pink because he’s going to have a lot of pink hand me downs to wear, maybe we should get some new clothes?  He will however have three boy cousins so I’m sure there will be plenty of John Deere clothing available.

Oh almost forgot the due date is December 15 (of this year).



For a little over 24 hours now, we have been a family with only one home (some people may see that as a bad thing – we however are rejoicing)!  The rejoicing has been accompanied by some anxiety and sadness about our first home, and Grace’s first home, no longer being our home.  On the positive side it does free us up to concentrate on making our Johnston house our home.  We both had days during the whole sale process where we would sit with Grace on our laps – look into her beautiful face – and say to the other one, “She is why we are doing this..and she’s so worth it.”  If it didn’t make the anxiety or sadness go away – it at least helped to lessen the impact.

Grace has thrown us a few curve balls as we’ve gone through this, which doesn’t help.  She’s had a few seizures we hadn’t seen before, and calls to the doctor resulted in lab work, changes to medication, changes to her diet, and the stress of watching and waiting to see how it all will come out.  One medication they’ve decided to take her off of has me a little nervous – because she could get really sick coming off of it.  They told Kevin that we’d know if Grace was having problems because she’d become pale, tired, and have a high heart rate.  Kevin very quickly said that she’s already pale, already has tired days, and has a high heart rate monitored by a cardiologist and that those things would not be enough to cue us in to any trouble.  A much more rigorous plan has been developed that we are far more comfortable with.

Summer will wind down for Grace quickly I’m afraid.  Her days of sleeping in are disappearing.  At the end of the month she’ll be in school, almost off the medication we are working to get her off of, and who knows what else?!  We will continue to watch for her cues, push when pushing is needed, and sit with her on our laps when the days are rough and just enjoy her.