Grace had a seizure yesterday and bonked her face on the ottoman (which is pretty soft by the way).  When she stood up though, there was blood coming out of her mouth – a good amount!  I got nervous – blood after a seizure is not normal….and historically has led to a trip to the ER.  This time I discovered it was a tooth!  Grace did me the huge favor of doing this at 4:50 pm (thank you Grace) – so there was time to call the dentist before they closed.  We tried to keep her from wiggling it too much last night – and then this morning the dentist!  X rays showed her permanent tooth had been moving in, there was bruising of the gums, no damage to the bones, and the dentist believed the seizure really loosened a tooth that would have soon been ready to be loose.  She bit him twice as he was looking at her teeth.  She HATES having people mess with her face and mouth.  The first time she did it I apologized and said a silent prayer that she would cooperate.  Then she bit him again – and I giggled-and apologized again……..  I know that a giggling apology is not really an apology – but part of me was so relieved that it was nothing serious, and part of me was happy to see Grace “defending” herself that I just couldn’t be straight faced at the moment.  I did pull it together though and really apologized when it was all done.  Tonight I noticed that rather than chewing on her fingers like she normally does – she is inserting them in a V shape – so she can continue to chew…but not bug her loose tooth.  I really love her!  So, in conclusion the tooth fairy is on call……….a little early according to the dentist…but  Grace has never been one to do what she’s supposed to do on a typical timeline.