Most of the news around Grace this month centers on dance.  Grace is taking ballet classes on Sunday afternoons.  Dance Without Limits its called.  She has the pink leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes- also pink….when I talked with one of the organizers of the class on the phone before class started she said she wanted dance class to be the place that we could bring Grace where we would never be pulled aside and told that it just wasn’t working out…..she has stayed true to her word.   Its really wonderful to watch – 45 minutes of love in action – people who think that everyone has the right to dance – and doing something about it!

We got Grace’s five year old pictures taken – even some in her ballet duds.

A young boy in Grace’s Sunday school class called Grace a baby – in not a nice way.  I was thankful to be able to tell him otherwise – but I struggled with it.  He’s only 5 – people will say worse things and I won’t always be right there to defend her.  She of course was completely unaffected.

We’ve celebrated the year anniversary of her surgery – the scar a visual reminder of that time.  Since surgery we haven’t made one trip to the ER – no stitches, no fat lips, no bleeding – seizures may cause her to lose her balance – but without the impact of a drop seizure.

Finally we continue to get settled – they are ready to meet with us at school and let us know how they would like to work with Grace – she is letting other kids take her hand and walk with her – and other kids want to!

that’s us for now….bring on March!