So, earlier this week Grace was in the kitchen with me – just looking around…which isn’t a normal occurrence in itself (she’s more of a bedroom, living room kind of girl) .  But then she did something totally amazing.  She reached into the kitchen sink and began trying to take containers out.  She didn’t just try either – she totally got them out!    This actually seemed quite momentous to me.  I didn’t even know that she even noticed the things in the sink!  She proceeded to take a container out of the sink and carry it with her out to the dining room.

On Tuesday we were with the speech therapist who told us that when she first started working with Grace a few months ago she would prompt Grace to make a decision – and Grace would respond about 20 seconds later. Now she responds in 10 seconds

On Wednesday we were in Minnesota to see the epileptologist – Grace walked out the EEG room and into the doctor’s office.  He was sitting at his desk.  She made a grab for some of the papers on his desk – and he said “Hey buddy – good job!  It’s so good to see that curiosity”.  “She has a rough diagnosis” he stated during our appointment – followed by a compliment about how far she’s come.

On Friday she reached out to hold onto the mane of the horse as she trotted down the side of the arena.  Each time she holds on I just feel my heart swell.

Today, we went and checked on her new house.  She walked around the house free to go from room to room, look out windows, whatever her heart desired.  I admit I’m not looking forward to the moving part of the journey – but I expect more amazement because we will – more small steps and continued progress – and the continued blessing of Grace.