Ok, so it’s not done yet … but this is the hole where Grace’s house will stand.  Kevin and I decided awhile ago that Grace needs something different than we have.  She needs no steps.  She needs the opportunity to be more independent.  This new house will give it to her.  We have tried to think it all through – no steps, doors wide enough for wheelchairs- a bigger bathroom for Grace that will allow enough space for a lift, laminate flooring throughout (no changes in floor texture that will throw her off balance).  I admit that we hope that there will be no wheelchair in her future, no need for a lift- and we will continue to engage her in activities to help her grow strong – but we wanted to be mindful that the future is unknown.  We remember what they told us when Grace was diagnosed…. there is no way to know what Grace will do, they could make some guesses (none of them pretty), but only time would tell– I try to not think think of that as a bad thing….but rather unlimited opportunity.

She seems to be quite unaffected by the site as we stand in front of the beginnings of our home.  Just another outing in her car seat without the excitement of the grocery store, Target, or other errands we run that she enjoys.  “It’s your house little girl!”…..either Kevin or myself will say as we pull up to the curb.  Without her I’m sure a hole would be on that lot…  but I have a hard time believing that the hole would hold as much potential as it does serving as a foundation for Grace’s growing.