Grace has been standing on one foot for over a week now.  Last Wednesday she stopped wanting to put any weight on her left foot, and she would cry when she did.  Because Grace is not one to cry easily we very quickly got the message – something was wrong.  A trip to the doctor, 24 hours of waiting, x-rays, another trip to the doctor, more waiting to see, the physical therapist, back to the doctor, a bone scan, and today an orthopedic doctor to discuss with us the fractures in Grace’s left heel and tibia.  He wants to see Grace again in a month.  He thinks that a cast may do more harm then good.  He wants us to continue to trust Grace, to trust her to know when to use her foot again.  He told us that it will take time, she may use it too much on days when it feels good, and the next day realize that she over used it.  Again we are following her lead.  I am so grateful for her ability to take it!

Oh how I have wished Grace could talk to us this week though, tell us where it hurt.  She told us, but I wanted specifics.  Top of foot, little toe, when I bend my foot like this mommy- kind of specifics.  I was so frustrated at times as we sorted this all out.  But at the end of the day I always knew I wasn’t in charge….. but I was in charge of being Grace’s voice.

I imagine the next weeks will bring us more opportunities to be Grace’s voice and for now Grace’s feet.