Grace and Hoover have both been sick this week.  Grace an ear infection, Hoover some intestinal bacteria with unfortunate side effects.  Both are now recovering…although Grace seems to be taking longer than Hoover.  Kevin and I handled sickness in a way that I marvel is somewhat “automatic”.  I don’t mean to brag…but I think we are good at “medical surprises.”  We divided and conquered.  When he was up more one night, I was up more the next.  We both juggled work schedules to get to doctor’s appointments.   We tracked seizures.  We tried to find out why she was crying. We picked up medicine.  We asked questions.  We arranged care (for both actually) with the nurses.   The wedge to keep Grace upright at night went into her bed.   Our friend Jessica was called into help for about an hour – and with that gift we made it.

Grace went to OT, Speech, PT and horseback riding!

In the middle of all that we checked in with Grace’s teacher – again.  We made plans for next year and I feel like we made some progress.  Kevin was interviewed by a TV station about epilepsy.  There is a question about whether a man had a seizure while driving and this resulted in him hitting a young girl with his car.  They were doing some follow up.

Grace spent her first week without braces around her ankles.  She moved to shoe inserts that help support her, but also allow her a lot more movement of her foot and ankle – making her work harder.  She got off to a wobbly start, but what a difference a week makes!

It’s not a perfect system, Kevin and I are going to have to use Grace’s Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby soap in the shower in the morning.  We have only frozen meat in the house, and neither one of us thought to take something out and thaw it….. which has lent itself to more eating out this week.  Grace is wearing non-matching pajamas to bed tonight because I’m behind on laundry.  I’m learning that sometimes it is ok to just get by.

Grace and Hoover are on the mend.  Kevin and I have met the work and advocacy obligations that have come our way this week.

Kevin is unwinding by watching a documentary that is just more complicated and politically charged than I want to comprehend.  I am longing for a simple, happy story.  We both deal with it differently – and that’s ok.  It’s not like it is only an ear infection for now…it’s epilepsy for life.  We are in this for the long haul.

I’ve been reading a devotional book every morning for parents of chronically ill children, and it was really wonderful at first.  The last few mornings though the theme has been about how the illness is only temporary, that there will be another side.  It has made me think some about being in it for the long haul… this week- this one week and all of it’s sickness, lack of soap, education of others, work and play is just that – one week.  I don’t see this as a limitation – rather a few steps in a really wonderful, blessed life.