“heehooaauuuulllllllaaaooommmaaaaa” is one of the many new sounds Grace is making.  We have never experienced Grace with this much vocalization.  Previous to surgery she might have a day every couple of months or so where she would just make noise all day long, now a day does not go by when she does not spend some part of it making sounds.

We had follow-up appointments with the Epileptologist and the Neurosurgeon, both were pleased with Grace’s progress.  Grace’s incision is healing well and we will not need to follow-up with the Neurosurgeon again, which is kind of hard to believe.

We are increasing Grace’s Felbatol and we will see if it helps with her remaining seizures.  Grace will be able to resume her normal therapy with no restrictions at six weeks post-op.  But she is still restricted from participating in full contact sports until three months (yes this was really a restriction given).