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Hoover here…Once again the parental units have not started the year-end letter, so I am jumping in to save the day.  I need a cape, but I would probably trip over it.

To start things out I would like to set the record straight, many believe that I was named after President Hoover (he was born in Iowa); I wish this were the case; however I think I was named for the vacuum which in all honesty gives me a little bit of a complex.  Just because I eat everything in sight and know the sound a peanut butter jar makes when being opened does not necessarily mean that I have a problem.

Grace started preschool this year, she goes four days a week for three hours in the afternoon. Her home health nurses go with her.  This gives me some quiet time to myself; sometimes with all the stress in life one must just take a nap.

Grace started walking freely this year and she goes and goes and goes.  We enjoy looking out the front door when the weather is nice.  Grace will turn 4 at the end of January and as we enter a new year some tough decisions will need to be made.  We have tried every medication currently available to control Grace’s seizures and she has failed each one, got to give her some credit for being consistent!  In January we (I have to stay home) meet with a neurosurgeon to discuss a corpus callosotomy, which may stop or reduce the number of Grace’s seizures.

The whole family (except me…notice a theme here?) went to Michigan this summer to visit Aunt Heather and Uncle Drue.  The Cubs played the Lions, Tigers, or Bears oh my…I don’t follow hockey so honestly I’m not sure who they played.  They had a good time, and enjoyed their visit.  They took their time getting out to Michigan as Grace does not do so well on long trips.  Kevin created a mini food tour by stopping in Portage, Indiana at Quaker Steak & Lube for wings and onion rings and then onto South Bend, Indiana to Yesterday’s where everything is good, especially the cheesecake and then onto to Toledo for a stop by Tony Packos made famous by Klinger from MASH.  In between eating, Grace waded in Lake Michigan and went to the Toledo Zoo.

Kevin and Joy took an anniversary trip to Jamaica this year.  They enjoyed their time away a great deal and would be willing to go back if you have any unused airline tickets just lying around.  They stayed at Couples Tour Isle, climbed Dunn’s River Falls, went sailing and snorkeling.  The food was great and they keep saying it was nice to not have anything to worry about (I didn’t think that I was that high maintenance).  While they were away I vacationed with our neighbor Suzi, she spoils me rotten and lets me sit on her couch (something I am not allowed to do at home).

Kevin continues to work at the Iowa Health System; they recently went through a major system upgrade which has kept him busy.  Joy still works at the Iowa Department of Public Health.  She tells us she’s helping to modernize the public health system.  It’s good that they work, but so nice to have them come home!  I’ve woken Grace up from a nap a time or two because I was so excited to have them home.

A walk for the Epilepsy Foundation will be held in March, I love walks and hope I can go!  Kevin and Joy are talking about putting together Team Grace.

I guess that’s it for the Year in Review… visit here again when you can.  Joy and Kevin try to keep people updated on what’s going on with Grace (and sometimes me) using this blog.  I’m not usually the reporter of news, but if they hear enough positive feedback about this note perhaps they’d let me have a chance at a blog update or two in the future.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy 2010!


Hoover, on behalf of Kevin, Joy, and Grace



We decided that this year we would put up a tree that would be Grace friendly.  “Grace friendly” meaning….no ornaments, plenty of lights, and a sparkly garland.  This way Grace would be able to touch it, which is what we wanted.  She has totally taken advantage.  Note the flat spot in the picture above.  I think its safe to say that Grace loves her Christmas tree!  We may regret our decision as we visit other Christmas trees and have to tell her “no”– but the way I figure it this is Grace’s Christmas tree – and I want her to be able to interact with it.  There are enough no’s in her world – and this one yes isn’t going to hurt anything.


Last night Grace had a hard seizure.  In the process Grace got three cuts inside her mouth and a cut on her chin.  The bleeding stopped but the cut didn’t close up.  We called the on-call pediatrician and he advised us to go to the ER for stitches since the cut was over a centimeter.  (We weren’t sure what the rule was for when someone needs stitches).  The ER staff were great, the attending doctor remembered us from our last visit in March, and we weren’t there very long when they said “yes….she’ll need stitches.”

Unfortunately we may see Grace cut and bruise herself more – this is the mixed blessing of Grace being mobile without having her seizures under control. In the picture you can see the stitches under her lip and the bottom lip is a little swollen but she is doing well and it doesn’t seem to really bother her.  She is a tough kid.  The doctor said that once the stitches come out we should use a little sunscreen where the stitches were every day to help the scar go away.  Who knew?  You learn a little every day.