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Grace has discovered the kitchen and loves to walk down to Hoover’s food and water bowls.  She likes to kick and clang the bowls together and the water bowl seems to entertain her a bit as it splashes around.  Last night she was trying to step into the water bowl; I startled her by scolding “Gracie Noooo!” as she dangled her AFO shoe and brace in the bowl of water splashing it all around the kitchen.  As I grabbed ahold of her to pull her out she was startled even further and began to sob and cry.  I felt bad because all she wanted to do was play in the water but at the same time it was great to see her cry and to show emotion like every other little child.

Somewhere inside is a Grace we only get to see every once in a while, I wish she could let it out a little more.

Drink up Hoover before it’s all gone!



We took Grace to the Science Center this weekend.  She hasn’t been particularly noisy or full of smiles lately – so at times it was difficult to know if she was really liking it or not.  But if you go with the amount of exploring she did as the measure of how much she enjoyed it….it was fantastic!  With big open areas to explore Grace took full advantage!

In her exploring she notices things that I imagine others don’t.  She walked to several walls and larger signs – I think to see if they were textured.  They were not and so we moved on.  She bent down to check out plates on the floor.  (I’m not sure what they covered…but they were different than the rest of the floor – and Grace noticed.)  We walked up to the lightening ball several times.  We also walked away from it.  But I think that she learned where it was – and knew how to get back by the time all was said and done.  She really is getting adventurous – approaching a new surface at full speed…sometimes falling – and sometimes not!  The table where you roll the marbles around a big funnel (forgive my lack of technical terminology) fascinated her for a time…..  and then she was done.

She was tired as we finished – I watched her sleeping on Kevin’s shoulder as they walked in front of me on the way to supper.  Her head kind of bounces up and down on his shoulder as he walks.  I wish I would have had the camera in my hand so I could have snapped a picture.

So there you have it… the science center and Grace are totally good.