Grace is asleep, Hoover too and Joy most likely.  I am at work waiting to do some testing so while I wait I thought I would post an update.

Grace was really moving tonight all over the living room, crawling for moments, then walking, and occasionally spinning around and falling.  She’s content and is really enjoying her mobility.

We have increased Grace’s Banzel a couple weeks ago and also decreased her Clonazepam, there were a few rough days in there till things normalized.  Sleep patterns are getting normal (still lots of short naps) no more up at 4am (or earlier)!  Seizure wise we are seeing less clusters, but it is important to note that each med change is simply not an increase, it’s finding the right balance with all of her medications.  Some go up some go down.  Right now we are seeing a range of 5 to 9 clusters a day.

Grace has a speech evaluation on Monday, we look forward to getting speech therapy going again especially as she continues to become more opinionated.

Grace is showing a significant interest in her Cheerios and regularly eating her whole serving.  We are going to try and setup a snack schedule to introduce her to different foods, textures, and tastes so the next few weeks could be interesting.

Grace had a dance at school last week, Kristen our newest nurse was with her and they both enjoyed it a great deal.  Grace really seemed to like the music and the lights.