She smelled like sunshine and dirt tonight before I gave her a bath.  What a beautiful combination of smells.  Proof that our little girl is no longer so fragile that she has to be kept inside, proof that she is looking around her, able to pluck tulips and laugh while swinging.  All wonderful things.

Many things have happened since we last wrote to you about Grace.  She is getting quicker – she dumped an ice cold glass of Diet Pepsi all over herself at a Chinese restaurant – she wowed one of the women who provide her with one-on-one in the church nursery by reaching up to be snuggled – she is drinking from a straw (without us squeezing the container to help)…she can also blow bubbles in the water.  She’s banging more toys – pulling things to her with greater strength and assuredness.  She’s taking steps….a few less since she got a new bigger pair of shoes, but feet grow and we have to adjust.  Incremental changes I understand….but changes all the same.

Sometimes I look at her and am just overwelmed by how much I love her.

She brings home art work from school.  She is able to pick up balls.  (Do you know how hard that is?)  She liked the grass in her easter basket better than the gifts.  Sometimes when we open the door she beats Hoover to the front door to look outside.  She’s eating her Cheerios – assisting your hand to her mouth – grabbing for the bowl to get to them herself.

It is such a fine line we walk – protecting her vs. letting her experience life.  She needs to learn to walk on the cement sidewalk, but most of the time I’m afraid to let go of her hand for fear she may fall.

But tonight she smelled like sun and dirt–she’s doing it!  What an honor to be able to witness it.