I’ve been struggling with Grace having to wear a helmet to protect her head.  It’s ugly.  I call the color of it “poop-brown.”  Sorry, I know that’s horrible.    There is also the Eddie Munster bump that appears on her forehead when she wears it, I hate that.  My beautiful girl – in that ugly helmet – with a bump.   Why? my heart cries out…..

Grace has been having a lot of seizures though.  She seized on and off all of Christmas day and the day after.  This is the second medication in a row that we are stopping because it seems to cause more seizures.  We’ll head to St. Paul for an appointment in January, and in the mean time we will take the next 5 weeks to get off this drug, we never got to the therapeutic dose even.

Grace didn’t really let the seizures stop her holiday though.  Her gifts were laid out Christmas morning on the couch when she woke up Christmas day – we drove to Jesup, hung out with my parents, Heather, Drue, Chris, Amy, Nathan and Adam.  Hoover even made the journey with us.  It’s just the right amount of ruckus when we are all together.  I love it!