Grace and I watched the Charlie Brown thanksgiving special tonight – she hadn’t slept much today and a good snuggle and cartoon seemed to be about her speed.  She’d had an excellent day, smiling, giggling, active – at OT she’d crawled across the waiting room to a snowman they have on the wall.  Grace has shown more and more intention with her movement – wanting something and then going to get it.  A huge gift to be thankful for.  She is taking a few more steps here and there– so wonderful to see.  I think she understands so much more than I give her credit for.  Thanksgiving rapidly approaches and usually I find myself listing off what I’m thankful for  – just in my head…. my own tradition.  There are so many this year with Grace.  Last Christmas was the first time I remember putting her down, going to get a fresh diaper and coming back to her, to find her sitting up – all on her own- looking at me.  That wasn’t even a year ago.  It is so easy in the day to day to feel that all of this growing and learning happens at a snails pace…. it is a good thing we have Thanksgiving – so that we can really look, examine, and know.