Archives for the month of: October, 2008

Grace just crawled from the kitchen to her bedroom, direct with no stops!  Room to Room a new thing for her, usually Grace get distracted when she enters a new room.


Grace seems out of sorts tonight.  Grumpy.  Not wanting to play– crying off and on.  I hate seeing her like this.  It’s been a little over a week now that we seem to be experiencing this.  Her seizures are not well controlled at this point….is that taking a lot out of her?  We’ve started lamictal….. I keep looking her over for a rash that is a rare but potentially devastating side effect…..thank goodness there is no sign of it.  She started using ankle braces on Friday… they severely restrict her movement….does that make her pout?  She is even crying out a lot in her sleep.  But nothing looks wrong……SO frustrating!  What do I do?  She still smiles, but the giggles are becoming more rare.  I so wish that she could talk to me.  Tell me what she is thinking.  I would do whatever I could.  Whatever!  I’m so worried about her.