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Many things have been changing in the world of Grace over the past four months, apologizes for not keeping you all posted.

As you can tell by the video link in the pervious post, Grace is now crawling! She has been progressing significantly recently and it all ties back to a change that was made in February in response to a formula change back in December. As you may know Grace is on the Ketogenic Diet, a high fat, low carb diet used to help control her seizures. Overall it has helped, but as we continued to increase the amount of fat in her formula we began adding a product called MicroLipid, basically liquid fat (think gravy, mmm). Since adding this MicroLipid and increasing it, Grace experienced increased vomiting. We unfortunately could not figure this very simple cause and effect relationship out as Grace started experiencing some of the vomiting in December when she had a little flu bug and it just never resolved. Low and behold after racking our brain with grace’s new GI, Dr. DiMeo and going over every little detail we realized that it had to be the MicroLipid. Since the early morning feed was the one causing the most problems we cut the 6am feeding and added it to the overnight feeding, we also increased her water intake to increase hydration and vowla no more issues. This all took place in early February and since then Grace has tacked on 5 pounds, started crawling, had increased energy, and she is standing whenever she can! It’s amazing what a small change makes in her life.

Currently Grace is having on the average one seizure every night; we are making adjustments in her medication and trying to make it through her current teething.


For your viewing enjoyment we now have a YouTube Channel!

Check out our first video of Grace Crawling, more soon to come!