Grace has been having some ongoing problems with keeping her formula in. We have been venting her for twenty some minutes before feeding her getting all sort of gunk out of her stomach, sometimes really mucusey stuff and other times not so much. It seemed to start when she had a little cold back in December. After much effort we finally got into see Dr. Slovan, Grace’s GI doctor.

Grace has an isotope barium test once again she had a couple back in the late summer and fall of 2006 to test for reflux. Grace went off of Prilosec back in August when she started the Ketogenic Diet mostly in an effort to reduce the carbs she was taking in and she was on a relatively low dose so it was presumed that it would have little effect on her. The past month and half have proven otherwise and her reflux has come back, her fundoplication defiantly helps with it but it looks like she will need some medication.

Grace was started on Friday on some Prevacid, On Saturday after her second dose Grace started crying and could not be contented, she was itching her ears and her faces was turning red. Joy quickly notices the Grace was breaking out in hives all over her body. We called the pediatrician they could see her which was great news otherwise we would have had no other option be the ER, and every hospital in Des Moines is already at capacity so there would most likely be a wait. All in all twenty minutes probably pass by from the initial onset to when Grace was given a shot of adrenalin and she instantly started looking better. We are sort of like a mini-first responder team, I am thinking about getting an ambulance siren installed in the Impala.

Grace had a breathing treatment as well at the clinic as she was sounding a little rasping which she didn’t until after she broke out.

We can only conclude that Grace is allergic to Prevacid, she has started a five day course of Prevacid (steroid) to help. Rather than trying to push her on another drug we will wait until Monday before determining our next course of action for her reflux.