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Uncle Jason, my new Aunt Lindsay, and me!


Grace has learned to squirm, not only can she squirm but she can flail handfuls of slobber as she continues to flip, roll, twist, wiggle, lean, and flop.

Grace no longer likes to just sit and hang out; she is standing like a champ. Her gait trainer is working wonders! She moves around so well that we are desperately trying to figure would what can go and what should stay in our house to give Grace more room to travel. Her gait trainer is like walker except it forces Grace to stand and encourages more natural positioning of her feet to develop her walk/gait. The deck base of it covers apx two and a half feet by two feet, so her turning radius it rather large. It looks like we will be making the supreme sacrifice and getting an HDTV and mounting it on the wall to get rid of the large TV cabinet.

Tomorrow morning we shall be up bright and early heading to Julie’s for Grace’s 5:30 respite rendezvous and then off to pike up Martha and possibly Suz and head off to Omaha for the Epilepsy Foundation’s HOPE Conference. While Joy and I are learning, meeting people, and making connections, Grace will be practicing her ballet routine with Otis in Jessica’s room.