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I am just getting around to posting some pictures, enjoy the backlog!

I have the privelege of friendship with the parents of the children I’ve listed in the title of this entry. Addison and Zoe are in Grace’s age zone. Try as I might it is hard not to compare. Gavin is a new guy to the world – I’ve seen him do things in his short life that Grace never really did. Addison I saw eat cheetos. She used her fingers in ways that are so complex, she points at things with only her index finger, and ate cheeto after cheeto as fast as her mom could give them to her. It was marvelous.

We are wonderfully made — all of us.

Today someone pointed out to me that Grace is almost two. I would take her to the infant room at church, while several of her peers have moved onto the toddler room. What room is better for her, what room will meet her needs? Will the older kids make fun of her? How will our friends explain to their children about Grace? Do they need to? What about that kids that we don’t know their parents? What will they say when their kids come home and ask them about the girl with the tube in her stomach or the girl who made funny movements.

As Addison, Zoe,and Gavin grow I pray for their understanding, for their acceptance of Grace. For Jenna and Miles, for Nathan, for Joe, all kids that I know. I also pray for those who don’t yet know Grace and will be the characters that make up the stories of her life. I also pray that Grace will know her part and do it well in the lives of Addison, Zoe, and Gavin – Jenna, Miles, Nathan and Joe…..