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Ladies and Gentlemen…Grace has left the Hospital!


Tomorrow tomorrow – we’re going home tomorrow – it’s only a day a way.

Grace has slept most of the day away — Kevin and I have found that when we push too hard, or too much is going on….. Grace has to crash. She did so big time today. I expect her to continue crashing until we can get her home and away from all the poking and the bed that isn’t hers.

I need to keep her moving tonight – Dr. Doescher wants to see her out of bed and active. All her numbers looked good this morning and as long as her numbers stay ok tomorrow morning he says we could be out of here by noon.

So — We are still here! Grace’s blood sugars are resolved, she is now only being poked 2 times a day (rather than every three hours). That’s the good news. The bad news is that her sodium is low. The doctor looked at me yesterday and said that if we can’t get her sodium figured out – this diet will no longer be an option for Grace. The mother lion in me swelled up and thought — well then you better figure this thing out! Outside I maintained my calm and told him that we really want to do this and will do what we can to give the diet a real shot. He hemmed and hawed about if she needed 10% more salt or 20%. I thought he’d landed at 20 — turned out it was ten %. They added 1/16th of a teaspoon of salt to her feeding overnight. They had to poke her three times this morning to get the blood we needed to run the test again.

We were also visited by an endocrinologist yesterday who ordered a few more tests to see if there is other things we need to be looking at as long as we are here–and as we fine tune the kinks! she’ll be back today.

Being away from home this long is hard. My dad has been on stand by this whole week waiting for us to come home so that he can take care of Grace so I can go back to work. We have a nurse starting in our own house with Grace on Tuesday. Have we told you all that? That gives me only a few days to prepare for that and for Kevin and I to work out how the home front will be different with the diet and a nurse. I thought I’d have a week.

Sorry this message is getting long and Grace appears to be getting bored beside me.

The doctors and Allison(our dietician) have made some changes. They don’t feel that Grace’s body was ready for the ratio of fat to carb to protein. Unfortunately this means that we are still in St. Paul. Sunday night Grace didn’t sleep well, yesterday she slept most of the day. She just wanted to be held. I stayed with her last night- just couldn’t bear to leave. She slept well and she woke up this morning with a few things to say…. and man did she scream when they poked her for the third time this morning trying to get some blood to check her levels – again.

I was told by our nurses that Grace is one tough girl. I had to agree.

We stood in her window this morning watching the cars driving by – she turned back to me at one point, lifted her arm to be held. And as I picked her up she looked me right in the eye…. and she just gave me this look that said… I know this is rough…. but we have to try — she rested her head on my shoulder for just a moment and then tried to squirm out of my arms to get back to her car watching. ooooh I love her!

I can’t wait to get her home, into her own bed, into her exersaucer – to sit in her chair with Hoover as her foot rest, and to hear that little clicking noise she makes to get to sleep through the baby monitor.

The earliest we will leave here is tomorrow – it’s entirely possible it will be more like Friday. More later.