Since we last touched base with you we’ve been in recovery mode…. trying ……..

There is always something though — we have cicada killers in the front yard, the Orkin man can’t kill them…. the post office won’t deliver our mail…. and you can only really kill them at night.

EEG Glue — Grace was in Minneapolis on Monday of this week —- they were so impressed with her. Her EEG is continuing to improve and although there are still abnormal impulses they seem to be primarily coming from the left side of her brain. we’ll be getting an MRI in the near future to get a look at her brain and see if there is any explanation for this.

We are scheduled to begin the ketogenic diet on Aug. 20th. Our little girl will be getting a diet made 90% from fat. Hard to imagine…. but we are anxious to get her on it and see if it works, if it doesn’t I want to cross it off the list of possibilities and just keep going. (Evidently I’m in anxious mode)

We have had some trouble at daycare with concerns about how Grace is being cared for. I had a long meeting tonight with Grace’s teacher and the Director… Kevin and I know this is an important decision, and at the moment I’d say we are a little stymied. My parents, and our friend Jennifer have been pitching in — all three truly love our little girl.

She is sitting on her own when placed in that position. She is really starting to look like a little girl — not a baby. I really do think our love for her at times makes us feel so powerless….. luckily there are things we can do……Kevin can kill the cicada killers and I can keep on combing out the glue.

Love Joy