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Grace continued to eat 2oz feedings every three hours through the night with no problems. This morning she was occasionally smiling and was sitting up with minimal help. Waiting to hear from the surgeon on whether she will go home tonight or tomorrow.


Grace has taken four two ounce feedings today through her g-tube and has had no problems. Dr. Irish, Grace’s pediatric surgeon, says we may be able to go home tomorrow if she keeps up at this pace. He is really happy with how well she is doing! We would like to not rush it but it would be nice to go home…and Hoover would like company.

She hasn’t had any morphine for pain today, just Tylenol. She must be tired as she has conked out already.

Grace is out of surgery and everything went well, no complications. The surgeon was very pleased with how the proceedure went. He didn’t have to seperate the stomach from the inner wall of her body where her g-tube is located (stomach and abdomen have fused together as the g-tube pulls the stomach forward).

She is sleeping now and has been most of the afternoon. She was given some morphine as she was showing some signs of pain and this is very unusual for Grace.

They made the first incision at 9:50am, so far everything is going well.

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