Grace and Kevin are asleep upstairs on the couch — I myself am quite tired, but feel the need to share with you our last week or so. Prior to Monday Grace hadn’t had any seizures for 13 days — we enjoyed this so much. On Monday she had thirteen or so seizures and we ended up in the ER, were admitted to the hospital, and found ourselves putting her into her hospital bed at midnight. She had two brief seizures on Tues. morning, but they never found anything and so they let us take her home Tuesday evening. The good and bad thing about crises is that you learn how many people are on your team….. and if your team is as big as ours you just hope for good communication. Luckily we have an awesome team…… people who care about Grace deeply — want what is best for her….. and are willing to answer all of the questions we can throw at them.

We were deeply touched to recieve calls from her therapist’s asking how “our girl” is. My boss Tom once kind of laughed at me when I told him that I have come to believe it takes a village to raise a child…..(I told him this before he had his own kids — twins, perhaps he’s changed his mind.) Our village has so many wonderful people in it – the people who pray… the people who don’t mind when we vent…. the people who don’t say poor baby… but oh what a beautiful baby… the people who read this and then tell us what they think about what they read…… aunt Amy who knows just what kind of dolls to buy… I could just go on and on. We learned this week that we are losing a very important person in the village…. Grace’s teacher Jennifer has decided to move on and do something else. Jennifer not only has loved Grace – but has been a wonderful comfort to Kevin and myself. I’m not sure how I will ever explain to Grace about the importance of Jennifer in her life…… another village person will be leaving us shortly as well, Grace’s OT Cori will move to Minnesota in June. I just can’t bear to think of that now…… these people Jennifer and Cori…(and others) have become members of our family… I know it’s just their job — but we don’t feel like their job….. we feel like treasured people.

I want to go check on my family now…. I haven’t heard anything so I imagine that Grace snug in her “chickie” pajamas is laying with Kevin on the couch — both of their heads tilted slightly to the left…and Hoover is curled up in a ball on his pillow dreaming of catching rabbits and running along the fence line with Suzi. Thank you for listening.