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Kevin and I have been wondering if when you are one are you still considered a baby? As we looked at her at the time of her birth (one year later) we were speechless – she is nothing that we expected and everything that we love. I have to admit that her turning one has been very difficult for me — that I will continue to grieve as milestones pass is a harsh reality sometimes– other times I think I’m crazy to grieve — she is wonderful! She was actually a little under the weather on her birthday, but happily we are going to try and celebrate at a later time with cousin Nathan. Tomorrow we go to get her one year pictures taken — we will share them with you I promise! She is a beautiful little girl – great cheeks… at work they look at her pictures and talk about how you could just pinch them! If she would only weigh 20 pounds I could turn around her car seat — I am seriously looking forward to that.

Daycare is going well. This is her last week with Grandpa – but of course he’ll always be able to pinch-hit! Thank you all for checking in, we most definitely appreciate it.


Went to the Cardiologist today, they ran an EKG, an X-ray, and an Ultrasound and no murmur can be detected! We don’t have to go back to the Cardiologist!

Grace has a cold, but the nice thing it’s just the ordinary run of the mill cold, it took us some time to figure out how to handle a normal person sickness. She is sleeping alot and hopefully will return to herself in another day or so.

Made it to Story City last night thanks in part to about 3 gallons of caffeinated Pepsi products, Fareway Ham Salad and Jalapeno Pringles (I don’t recommend).

We stayed the night at the Comfort Inn and hit the road again at 6:30 this morning. Joy went to work, Grace went to daycare, Hoover came home from the Kennel and Kevin will go to work tonight.

Grace will get her 6 month immunizations today and along with her “mickey” button for her G-tube.

We are in St. Paul right now we came back for a followup appointment. We have some good news! Grace’s EEG is showing more organization in the brain waves, in November she was showing just a little organization in the waves. The nigth terrors she si having are not seizures as we feared. We are going to continue on with the Felbetol and push it a little higher, we will closely monitor her levels in the coming month. We will come back to St. Paul for another followup in February, if we see continued improvement we will keep on going, if we don’t we will look towards another treatment either a drug therapy or the ketogenic diet.

We are on the Pediatric Epilepsy Unit at Children’s visiting Grant and his mom Jannelle who to our church and they are also the ones that gave Hoover to us. We should be taking off shortly for the drive home.