Week 3

We went to see Dr. Kabbani this morning and we were ready to take Grace off of the ACTH, we saw a little reduction but not much in the seizures. however we left with the plan of increasing her to double the amount we started giving her to go for one more week. Kabbani has … Continue reading Week 3

Injection 2

Today we (Joy) actually gave Grace the injection of ACTH, you could hear the skin tear as the needle broke her skin. No parents should ever have to give their baby a shot. We are incredibly thankful that the home health nurse took her own time to come back to our home to assist us. … Continue reading Injection 2


This morning the Iowa Methodist Home Heath came out to deliver Grace’s ACTH and all of the supplies we will need to give her the drug. ACTH has to be given by injection and we will have to give it to her. Dr. Kabani said this agency would come out for a week to give/assist … Continue reading Injection