Archives for the month of: February, 2006

Went to the doctor, they put me on the scale it was so cold I went all over the scale, Dad was embarrassed.

Well the jaundice is going away. Went from 19.5 to 16.5 so we will just keep testing each day to make sure it keeps going down. I don’t like it when they draw blood from my foot for the test, it hurts, I try and tell everyone but they just don’t seem to get it. So I guess I will go back tomorrow and hopefully that will be the last time.

Great Grandma and Great Aunt Elaine are stopping by in a little bit.


The doctor sent a bilirubin blanket out late last night, it makes me look like I have a tail. going to the doctor this morning for a followup appointment.

This is my latest trick, I can always get my left hand out of my onesie.