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On Sunday Grace was confirmed. We watched from our living room as her name was read and her picture shown.   After saying the names of Grace and her classmate her teacher said “God Bless these One Body students” and we listened as the congregation members in the building clapped their blessing. She was 1 of … Continue reading 1 of 542

What a week/year

It has been a really long week. The focus on the stories about how it’s been a year since COVID had such a drastic effect on our lives and seeing people sharing the last photo they took in the old normal have deeply affected me. When I look at our photos, I see pictures of … Continue reading What a week/year


Grace turned 15 last week! We celebrated with cupcakes, presents (mostly bath toys and dolls), family games of UNO, and lots of singing of Happy Birthday. It feels as though her 14th year was somehow lost – lost to COVID-19. Lost to a multitude of vulnerabilities listed on the CDC website. She missed so much … Continue reading Fifteen

Epilepsy Aware

November is Epilepsy Awareness month.  Our family lives with epilepsy, but I don’t think about it very much if that makes sense.  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend (from our house) a presentation Roxanne Cogil with the Epilepsy Foundation gave on seizure recognition and how to help if you see someone having … Continue reading Epilepsy Aware